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John Dunsworth - Stories

1. You can order an NON autographed copy now for $25+shipping and applicable taxes. Just press the buy now button and you'll be taken to paypal's website to make payment with any major credit card, and don't forget to include your mailing address and we'll send you one as soon as we can. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery but we'll do our best to get it there sooner. Again, PLEASE NOTE - NO Autographed CDs are available anymore.

There are 16 stories on the CD, all read by John Dunsworth. They are funny, some in character, and really its a bargain at $25.00! Over an hour of entertainment like in the old days listening to the radio dramas and stuff.

1. Annie’s Friend
2. Christmas
3. Confessions of a Master Criminal
4. Dolores Claiborne
5. Feelin’ Good
6. My Mother (Frances)
7. Hearts Enduring
8. The Fish Store
9. The Ghost of Peter Boutlier
10. The Nipple Box
11. The Porter
12. The Trickster
13. Toronto
14. Trouble
15. Winter
16. A Memorable Good Feeling

Warning-course language and suggestive, sordid stories. Not for the easily offended.

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